Police misconduct can affect anyone. The actions and decisions of police officers can affect a person’s liberty, health, or ability to pursue a chosen career. Challenging the police without the right assistance can be daunting and complex. Our specialist police law solicitors have a strong reputation for bringing successful cases to address these issues.

Claims against the police

We have specialist solicitors are experts in bringing claims against police forces for:

  • False imprisonment
  • Wrongful arrest
  • Wrongful detention
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Assault by police officers
  • Unlawful stop and searches
  • Judicial review of decisions by the police and IPCC
  • Search warrants
  • Property claims
  • Breach of privacy rights
  • Retention of DNA and police records
  • Adverse criminal record certificates (“CRB checks” or “DBS checks”)
  • Unlawful police cautions
  • Human Rights Act and Data Protection Act issues
  • Discrimination on grounds of race, gender, or other characteristics

Making a complaint

Our experience has lead us to believe that making a complaint to the Police prior seeking a claim does not usually help and it is possible that good or negative information may come to light in such complaints. We would always recommend that you seek expert legal advice from our specialist Action Against The Police solicitor before submitting a complaint.

We can help you to make a formal complaint against police officers, and to appeal any poor complaint outcomes to the IPCC. Our solicitors  have the expertise to guide clients through every step of the police complaints process.

We have assisted many clients to pursue complaints that have led to disciplinary action being taken against officers.